Mentira Mentira


Mentira Mentira "GASOLINE" Recorded by Bona Bonson @ Chimeco Sound Studios, Mexico City between Febraury 2010 and November 2011 @ Vale Vergas Discos @ 2011 all rights reserved. All music by Mentira Mentira, except "Thriller" by Mentira Mentira and Esteban Aldrete. All lyrics by Gabriel Rey, except "Thriller" written by Rod Temperton. Mentira Mentira is: Gabriel Rey: Vocals, Bass, Guitar on all tracks. "Dr. Dude" Bona: Drums on all tracks, except "I Want" Leticia Beeton / Selma Oxor: Vocals on "Ghost". All photos by Chrissy Kovacsics. Special Thanx to: Txema Novelo, Griti, Mariali, Maca, Bart, Gusi, Ramiro and everyone at VV. Danette and Tomas, Bona and Jessi, Luxor, Las Ultrasonicas, All VV Bands, Esteban "Sheamus" Aldrete, and everyone involved in making this record.

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